Airport parking is a great way to ensure that you have transport to and from the airport. For people who have never used it before, there are questions which always linger, concerning what to put into consideration when booking airport parking.

What to Bear in Mind When Choosing Airport Parking

  • Personal needs: This is applicable for people who have special needs such as a disability, or if you are travelling with children. Your personal needs should also be about the flight schedule which you have. How early you are supposed to board your flight or leave the airport, will determine the kind of parking that you will need.
  • Budget: The cost of the parking and how much you intend to spend will play a big part in whether you book a space or not. If you realise that the parking cost might be too much, compared to what you had planned to spend, then you can look for other options. This includes looking for parking space outside the airport. You should be on the lookout for discount deals which are posted by different airports.
  • The schedule: Your travel schedule should determine the booking of your parking. Your plan should also put into consideration the days of the week when you will be travelling, and whether it will be during peak time. Peak times are always more expensive, compared to when it is off-peak.
  • How long you will be gone: There are some airports which have a limit on how long a vehicle can stay in their park. Before you book, look into their rules and regulations. You need to be sure that your car will be allowed to stay at the airport’s parking for as long as you will be away. How long you will be gone, will also determine how much you will pay in the parking fee.