It’s funny how airports make more money on parking and shopping than they do on flights. People are always ready to pay premium prices for the convenience of parking a car at the airport. That explains why all of them, big or small, offer different types of parking packages, priced according to their level of convenience and the duration you intend to leave the car.

Short-Term Airport Parking

When you only need to pick up or drop someone off at the airport, short term parking is the only option you have. It is super-convenient, as the parking spaces are within the airport or nearby. However, expect to pay high rates for this kind of service. The industry’s standard is an hourly or per-day charge, but you can be assured that your vehicle is safe and conveniently placed within these parking areas.

Long-Term Airport Parking

When going for a six to a seven-day trip, leaving your car in a short term parking spot is the worst thing you can ever do. The only viable option here is to search for a long-term parking solution which is safe and close to the airport. Expect to pay lower rates compared to short term parking, partly because of the fierce competition, and the fact that you will have to walk or take public transport to the airport.

There have been reports that some car parks run short in the customer service department. However, many of them wash parked cars, help people scrape snow during the winter months, and change flat tyres.

Overall, the type of airport parking you choose depends on how much you value convenience, and the time you need to park. Either way, expect to pay a lot of money in parking fees. Or leave the car at home and hail a taxi, or ask a friend to drop you off and pick you up.