One of the greatest challenges for many travellers taking a flight is finding a nice parking spot. Presently there are many available parking spots around airports. Heathrow airport is no exception. Here is a guide on the best places for parking you will find around the airport.

At Heathrow, you will find a variety of parking spots. Some are public spaces, while others are private. To determine which parking space is better, a few factors are considered. These factors include security, parking fee and proximity to the airport.

Short Stay

Let’s start off with the short-stay parking spots. These are meant for travellers who will be gone for only a few days or probably a weekend. Short stay parking spaces have higher parking fee rates than other spots. If one is gone for a few hours, then these are the spots for you since they offer hourly rates as well.

Long Stay

Then there are the long-stay parking slots. Anyone thinking of going out on holiday, this is the spot for you. Long stay may come across as expensive on the initial look. This may be due to the fact that parking fees are offered on a weekly rate or sometimes monthly. But generally, it’s cheaper to pay the one-off, weekly rate than a 7-days daily rate. These parking spaces are fitted with security cameras to enhance safety.

Heathrow airport offers a unique pod parking space. Once you park your car, you don’t have to walk all the way to the boarding area. There are special transports that will drop you there at a small extra cost. Finally, there is ‘good to go parking.’ This is only meant for passengers who are out there for leisure. To get the spot, one must stay at their hotel for a night. There are offers for people that book the parking space on prepay.