Travelling can be stressful even if it’s that long-awaited and well-deserved vacation you have been waiting for! From worrying about whether you have over/under packed to whether you have confirmed hotel and flight bookings, you have to keep running through a mental travel checklist.

Finding a cheap long term airport parking is a crucial aspect of the planning process since this could mean a save or a strain on your travel budget. Also, you don’t want to be at the mercy of the airport when it comes to parking your car. Here are a few ways to save on that aspect of your trip.

Book a Slot in Advance

Unless it is an impromptu trip, making a booking in advance in a long-stay airport car pack could save you a great deal. For instance, a week at Heathrow’s long-stay car park without prior booking could cost you a little over £200. With prior booking, you reduce this bill to under £85. Great saving! Right? The trick is booking 24 or 48 hours before your arrival, but this again depends on the airport.

Get a Hotel That Provides Long Term Parking

Most times, airport hotels offer long-term better parking rates compared to parking spaces inside airports. Combining your airport hotel stay even if it is for a night with parking when booking is way cheaper than when you do it separately.

Nearby Parking Spaces

Renting parking spaces from people living near airports isn’t new, at times, this provides a cheaper alternative to parking at the airport. If this option means a few coins off your travel budget, it is definitely worth considering. There are different online agents such as Holiday Extras, where this information is readily available. A quick search on these sites will help in comparing the various options provided and what best suits you.

Choosing airport parking is a crucial element of planning, evaluate your needs and go for what works for you.