Airports provide a large option of parking to their passengers. All types of airports have a short and long period parking together with other options that travellers may pick. Short and long period parking are the most used and known around the world.

The terms long and short period do not refer to the duration which one can park. They refer to the distance which the parking lot is from the airport terminal. Here is a brief description of both parking models to help you decide which parking area is more convenient.

Short Periods

These parking slots are situated close to the airport terminals. These parking spaces are convenient since they are only a walking distance to the airport terminal. They are expensive due to their great position within the airport. Travellers are advised to park their cars if they are gone for a period of about 5 days since it might be quite expensive. Rates in short term parking are either charged in per day or per hour according to the period of time a car has been parked. Short term parking is very convenient for taxis and people who visit the airport to pick their loved ones or say goodbye to them.

Long Periods

They are also referred to as satellite parking spaces. These parking lots are situated a long distance away from the airport terminal. People parking in this area are forced to board a shuttle to go to the airport terminal. Long-period parking spaces have a lower rate compared to that of the short period parking spaces. It is advisable to park your car in this parking space if you are going to be away for a long duration of time since it will save you on the cost of parking. It is also advisable to book a parking space in advance since they might be difficult to find.