Travelling is one thing man can’t and shouldn’t avoid. Either it’s taking a walk, a drive, or a flight. Travelling by flight might seem to be the most convenient means of transport available, but have you had to leave your car to take a flight to a different location? It’s totally hectic to try and find a nice and safe parking space. Here is a guide on how to go about it if you are in transit within London.

Understand the Regulations

To begin with, it is important to know the local parking laws and violations. Well, in London there are multiple places you can park your car without restrictions. Some of these places are absolutely free, while others have an hourly rate. Some parking spaces will have limited parking time. Other parking spots will have restrictions for the type of vehicle to be parked, maybe minivans only or saloon cars only.

Wherever you park, however, always make sure your car is not attractive to thieves. Use services like the luggage storage in Paddington station for your valuables. For people who always get jittery about leaving stuff in their car, luggage storage in London should not be a problem.

Some parking spaces have seasonal restrictions. That is, parking could be prohibited for a certain period of the year. The good thing is, all these restrictions are clearly indicated by the use of signs. So you need to check out for the signs before parking your vehicle. Well, when you need to use an airport, you are advised to find a spot that is close to the airport as possible. Privately owned garages are available just about everywhere. Private garages provide you with security but at an expense.

Here’s a bonus tip. Did you know its okay to park in front of someone’s house provided you don’t block their driveway? Well, welcome to London, and pass by with ease.